Thursday, July 06, 2006

It starts with one skein

I finally got up the nerve to stock my Etsy shop with a skein of yarn today. One skein, you ask? Yes. Baby steps, people. I have a huge box of homespun to sell and I spin more and more each day. So why was this a challenge? While looking at said box of yarn I panicked. I'm going to break down my train of thought:

1. I never spin yarn like this. (insert description of yarn here) In this case, the yarn is very undyed.

2. I suddenly like this yarn even though I didn't when I first spun it up. In this case, It's softer than I recall. It would be fun to knit with. I like the uneven parts and the balanced parts all playing together in this superbulky skein.

3. I am trying to make a go of being an artist, I must start selling yarn. Okay. Let's be realistic here. I should start with this particular skein because I will never knit with it. I have knitter's block when it comes to knitting with homespun. I almost never do it. It doesn't suit me. Everything is too precious. I'm afraid of ruining it's potential.

3.5 (sub thought) I hate crap acrylic yarn. But I also can't spend a lot on yarn. I like utilitarian, functional and pretty yarn. I should only knit with homespun. I need some chocolate.

4. I'm unemployed. I fear I will never find another job again. I also fear that I will find a job. This is known as artist's logic. I need a job for money but then I am a sell out. I love the Bohemian lifestyle but grow weary of eating beans and pasta at home every night, and ordering water when I find myself in a restaurant. So I really do want a job, but until that happens I keep myself busy writing and spinning and making art. (and watching TV and eating watermelon and entering contests and contemplating the cruelty of existence...)

That train has four and a half cars. Long enough. I know knitters everywhere understand the unspeakable problem of acquiring stash that you will never use. At least they only buy it. Imagine spinning it. It's like a collection. You wouldn't put that gold coin in a pinball machine, would you? What if I made something ugly out of that pretty yarn? I better just put the skein away and never touch it again.

Well, I'm thinking since I've taken the leap it will get easier from now on. I didn't know how to price this particular skein so I did some research and took the average price of other homespun on Etsy. It's nice and high so I won't have to deal with actually selling it!


Anonymous said...

One small step for Star, one giant leap for Keep On Knitting In The Free World... Congratulations!

Brewer said...

You're braver than me. I can't even convince myself to open an Etsy shop. :) Good luck selling it!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

I would LOVE to sell some of my stash of handspun, but I never make enough of any one thing. I am also as broke as broke can be. I probably won't be able to do the Spunky Fiber Club this month, that broke. Sad. I'm thinking about trying to sell some dyed fiber, though. That way I can make one for me and one for the shop, right? Anyway, there's more information (although not all) about the Fair at my blog tonight, if you're interested. Good luck (or bad, whichever you prefer) selling the yarn!