Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today's yarn

I present to you today another before and after show and tell of some homespun yarn. I dyed this roving (my favorite blend of merino, targhee and rambouillet) with Wilton's icing gels about a week ago.

Obviously I never know quite what kind of results I'm going to get. I usually have an idea, but then I always get surprised in the end. I love how some colors line up nicely and others play against each other.

When I ply, I find myself hoping certain colors will meet eachother. The two singles get together in harmony or contrast. Like people.

And then the whole length gets coiled up and patterns emerge and colors change. You think you know what it will look like knitted but you don't. Not really.

Not that I easily knit with homespun. I like to put it on a shelf instead. It's a certain kind of courage that says nothing is too precious. That I am a worthy knitter.

But I can't help but feel that this trio of pictures shows a progression that is incomplete. Yarn is also meant to be used. But for today, I'm going to just give myself permission to enjoy yarn for yarn's sake.


Wendy Stackhouse said...

So beautiful! I can't wait to see what you're submitting to the fair! And the roving was lovely, also. I used to dye with Wiltons, but have since switched to Lanaset and Smart & Final food coloring/kool-aid. Do you want my leftover Wilton dyes?

Star said...

Thanks! I'd love them. I figure some day I'd graduate to Lanaset but I'm enjoying using my kitchen stuff for dying right now. I use lemon juice instead of vinegar because of the smell. I use kool-aid too!

I'm submitting 3 skeins. I have the first 2 picked out but I have to decide on the last one...(I have stash issues)

Wendy Stackhouse said...

You do get them back, you know. I will bring my box of Wiltons gels on Friday! Oh, and my husband hates that smell of cooking vinegar but I am unapproachable about it. Dyeing might be my favorite part...or spinning...or knitting...or thinking about them...I'm really obsessed.

Star said...


Oh I can explain what I meant by stash issues: It's not that I'm worried about not getting the yarn back. I have a HUGE box of (mediocre) homespun yarn to choose from. My stash is so big I can't decide on the third!

I'm obsessed too. I'm looking forward to Friday!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Honestly, I think only three people were entered last year so you're in good shape to ribbon!

I'll bring mine along (and maybe some of my giant bag o'handspun). I'm sure they'll appreciate that at La Knitterie!

Oh, and this is the first year that they've allowed more than one entry in each class. I think it's because of the small numbers from last year. At least it means they're trying not to eliminate the category. The more spinners who enter, the more likely it is they will continue it. I'm upset that there is no Open Livestock this year, just Juniors. And no Fleece Auction. They won't come back...


Anonymous said...


This one is amazing! So beautiful!