Monday, July 03, 2006

Late start

Photo credit: rightee.

I tried Tivo-ing the Tour de France replay-expanded-coverage version at 5pm today and was regretting it basically from the moment I woke up. I am now finally watching the race and don't really have updates to share.

My personal Tour is moving right along. I spun more mill ends today and finally picked up batteries to make the scale work. I've been waiting to stock my Etsy shop until I had weighed the yarn. So today I started weighing my homespun and suddenly couldn't imagine selling any of it. How did this happen? I've been planning on selling it the whole time! I'm UNEMPLOYED and need the money. What's wrong with me? Where is this attachment coming from?

Perhaps looking at this sheep photo I fleeced from flickr will help. Perhaps you'll forgive the pun.


Wendy Stackhouse said...

I finished the blue, whew! As if it took a long time. Low twist singles on the wheel. Pictures on my spectrumspinalong blog later on.

On to purple and some cute sock yarn, I hope. Nice thing is I am staking out our picnic/fireworks spot this afternoon while DH takes the kids in the pool at the same park. Sound like fun? My wheel, my mp3 player, my smile will all be in place.

Have a great Independence Day!

Brewer said...

I feel your pain. I keep thinking about starting an Etsy shop, but then think "I can't part with a single bit of it" and the thought of making (spinning, weaving, crocheting, needle felting) anything just cause I "have" to... Well that just gives me crafters block so hard and fast that I can't even think of anything to make for dinner.

Good luck selling that yarn ;)

I am crocheting some "fireworks" to add to some red, white and blue singles. I'll post some picks on my blog when I'm done

Star said...

Thanks for the updates and encouragement! I will post them later on - I've got to turn off this computer and get myself to the beach!