Saturday, July 08, 2006

I sold yarn!

I can hardly believe it but the yarn I listed on Etsy yesterday sold before the day was done. Less than one day, people. I can't ship until Monday though because I am on my way to San Diego for a wedding. Yes, I already did my Tour de Fleece spinning this morning while watching the time trial and I'll be home Sunday with time to spare for more spinning. And now that you all know my schedule, feel free to break into my apartment!

Obviously I am going to list more homespun this week. Selling that skein has given me a real boost and I want to explore that feeling some more. Any spinners thinking about opening an Etsy shop and making a go at selling yarn, do it! It's easy; it works. People you don't even know will buy your yarn. If this is too scary, start with a swap? I just signed up for one and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Oh the teasing!

I leave you with a picture from my last trip to San Diego. It was taken at the Hotel del Coronado during Sunday brunch. A small bird has helped herself to a croissant. Bold!


Anonymous said...

great job star!! you are off to a great start. the photos on the etsy website really show off the color.

Brewer said...

Congrats on the sale!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Congratulations on the sale! Exciting new prospects are opening up for you.

Star said...

Thanks guys! It's so nice to get these messages!