Friday, July 14, 2006

Fiber Friday 7/14

I don't know what to show off since I've had a productive week! I guess I showed this yarn off yesterday but not this photo. Personally I could look at pictures of yarn all day. It was suggested to me that I show the hand dyed roving that turned into this yarn because I was thinking the roving came out, well, a bit ugly. It seemed flat, splotchy and the colors were at odds with eachother.

But I really like how the yarn turned out. So you never know? Perhaps I don't know what I'm doing when I dye roving, because the results never look how I think they will. In this case I was pleased. This is not always the case! I put it in the Etsy shop because I need some cash. Why? (drumroll)

I got accepted into the Bazaar Bizarre! I'll brag about that more as we get closer (It's in December). But the fees are due now. Oh the yin yang of it all.


Brewer said...

In an attempt to support your Bazaar Bizarre, I just snagged your sunshine roving (my first etsy purchase, now if only I was brave enough to list something in my shop :) )

Anonymous said...

Thanks Weaver & Brewer!

Star said...

You just made my day!!!!!!

Thank you SO much.

(ps - when you're ready you will...)

Wendy Stackhouse said...

This is the reason I love spinning. You never really know how the dye run will turn out. Then you never really know how it will spin up (or how you will choose to spin it). Then you never really know how it will look when knit. It's the surprises that make me smile! Lovely yarn, by the way.