Thursday, July 27, 2006

Landis had positive test after Stage 17

Here's the latest cycling news: - CYCLING - Phonak: Landis had positive test after Stage 17

I've been working on something about why I love the Tour to post here to explain why this event is so amazing. Something that communicates why The Tour de France is more compelling to me than the World Series or the Superbowl or any other sporting competition. It's still a work in progress and I'll still post it here when it's written.

It seems every day new stories emerge in the world of cycling. Today's story is again about doping. All the press is bad press it seems. For people who assume cycling is an over-drugged sport based on headlines I want to remind you that each doping story related to this year's Tour is full of allegation and not proof of guilt. When there is conclusive evidence then judgment will be passed.

Also, cycling has the strictest tests for doping. No other sport tests for as many substances or as often as cycling. The punishments are far stricter in cycling than in any other sport as well. If a cyclist tests positive for a banned substance they have a two-year suspension. If it happens a second time, they are banned for life.

During the Tour OLN put a screen shot of a chart that listed each sport and what their penalties were but I can't find that information on the web just now. I'm just sad about such a negative stereotype growing about such an amazing sport. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. In the last 103 years the Tour de France has seen lots of cheating, riding trains, stealing sign-in sheets, and tossing nails on the road to burst tires. I think it's because the race is SO freaking hard to complete, much less win.


Wendy Stackhouse said...

Oh, it's so upsetting to think that either he did do something bad or that he's going through the trauma of everyone thinking he did when he didn't either way!

Still thinking about going to Yarn Garden tomorrow? I desperately need a size 3 circular needle (the mitred blankie is getting a large square and I'm on straights--hate straights. I thought I might take a drive down to JoAnne's with my 40% off coupon in case and then go to a real yarn store if I have no luck. We could met at a place with AC...

Hope you're doing well!

Star said...

I know! I agree with you. If he's guilty then I'll be shattered and if he's innocent then he's been run through the mud. Either way bad.

I am thinking about going if it's not too late - when are you going? AC appeals to me!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

It was really nice to see you! Sorry I had to run. Sometimes I don't know until it happens that I can escape and then I have a deadline. Usually. DH is trying to be especially nice right now, even though he's working REALLY hard (every day outside from Saturday to Saturday).

Hope Landis is in the clear after the B sample, although since they were the same day, it's hard to believe they would be different. He does sound sincere in his defense.

I still can hardly believe they wouldn't sell me the yarn at the sale price. Oh, well, a shrug it is!