Sunday, March 29, 2009

This week in bloggsville USA

Greetings yarnies!

Signs of spring are popping up all over Portland right now and I couldn't be more excited! Here is the latest from this side of town:

1. Sock Madness 3! I started late, am making the leg and foot longer, and am in the fastest division... but I'm not out yet. There are 9 spots left and I want to make it to the next round. I still insist that I am not competitive. Lookie the crazy afterthought heel!

Tropical Mer-tini

2. Class lists are now up on the Sock Summit site! I am now allowed to say what subject I am teaching: Sock Design Workshop: Know the Rules then Break Them. I will be talking about this class a LOT over the next few weeks and months. You have been warned.

3. Shannon had her baby! (Shannon is one half of Twisted - the yarn shop where I work.) Yeah, I've been telling everyone it would be a boy. Obviously, Hazel is a girl's name... Therefore I am not good at predicting gender in utero. I can live with this. I am good at other things.

4. Memphis Mafia doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts: vegan version. Well, I picked this beauty up in the wee small hours last night and am still working on it. This fritter is considered a "4-day doughnut" but I am tough enough to take it down in 2.

Memphis Mafia

5. A rant about facebook. Okay, I'm apologizing in advance, but I'm ranting anyway. Please stop using facebook like twitter. It's not interesting to share these kind of details:

- The grocery store is out of the kind of cereal I like.

- The bus is running late and it's cold out here.

- My kid doesn't like to brush her hair.

This is the kind of thing that is interesting:

- Hey guys, check out this rare Patti Smith video.

- Last minute free show happening in your town that you totally want to see.

- Look at this hilarious picture from 20 years ago.

End rant. Sorry if I stepped on your toes.

6. Rosemary shoestrings from Burgerville are on their way out. What will April bring? Don't know, but teasers suggest April is basil month. Hmmm...

7. Trifecta pattern hit the Malabrigo Projects Club over at eat.sleep.knit. If you love fast horses as well you should bookmark the site then pick up the kit or pattern when it becomes available.


8. Check out the free 35mm stitch pattern over at Leethal's blog: do stuff! While you're there, check out all the other amazing crafty goodness she creates so beautifully.

9. The couch to 5k running plan! I am in week 4 and it's going really well. I use this site to plan out routes. I'm organizing a team to do the Starlight Run on May 30th. We haven't agreed to a "theme" yet but it will likely be crafty and involve a sense of humor.

10. Monday morning will bring a trip to the post office - I'm sending something to Spin Off for a future issue! I'll let you know more when I can, of course. I can't help but tease some stuff, you know.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I've been traveling a lot this month but I'm finally home, getting caught up on all things knitting related in the free world. I've missed you.

I'd like to show off a new pattern called Trifecta - The March installment of the Malabrigo Projects Club over at eat.sleep.knit.


Trifecta combines three distinct lace patterns into one complete scarf. The warm cognac color of the Malabrigo lace reminded me of horses, specifically fast horses.


The yarn is soooooo soft it's hard to put down once you pick it up. I'd actually like to make a pillowcase out of it, but I don't have that kind of time right now.


One of the great parts (and there are many) of working at Twisted is now when I take photos of knitting, I have a good backdrop and lovely models (thanks Vivian!)


Perhaps a lady might wear such a lace scarf during a day at the races, striking her own trifecta of sophistication, style and simple beauty.

The pattern and kits will be available when the club ends through eat.sleep.knit. Thanks for looking :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sock Madness?

Obviously I don't really have the time, but I'm "competing" again this year.

Last year I was moving to Portland in the middle of it... I guess it's never a "good" time.

Of course, Sock Madness inspired this picture:

Splash Mountain Knitting

Ever knit where you just shouldn't?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lantern Moon Event in Portland

You are cordially invited to Lantern Moon’s ‘Beat the Winter Blahs’ Special Event!

Thursday, March 5th, 6:30 p.m.
at the Lantern Moon Warehouse in Portland

It’s an evening to celebrate knitting, view the fashion show from the January National Needle Arts show, and learn about what’s new in knitting from local area yarn retailers.

I'll be there with Lee (Leethal) representing Twisted!

Portland knit designer Leigh Radford will be present to sign her latest book, AlterKNITS Felt

Refreshments will be provided and there will be an opportunity to purchase Lantern Moon products at 20% off retail prices.

Space is limited and reservations are required. Please call (503)460-0003 or email to make a reservation to attend the event.

Lantern Moon Warehouse
7911 N.E. 33rd Dr. Suite 140
Portland, OR 97211

located north of Columbia Blvd
across from the Oregon Food Bank

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