Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Red, white and blue and rainbows

The tour de Fleece spinners are staying the course! Soprano spinner finished some beautiful and patriotic yarn. If you'd like to see it and I know you do, look here.

Chipper managed to spin some yarn that looks like fireworks! See it for yourself here. It's made up of red, white and blue roving she got from the fiber of the month club from spunky eclectic. (Fiber of the month - that sounds like fun!)

Melanie has some lovelies to share as well. Check out some springy yarn here. She's also engaged in the fiber of the month club and here is what she's made of it. Her most recent entry is also really pretty.

I plied the mill ends and am moving on to... more mill ends! This stuff I already dyed though, as you can see. I'm spinning matched singles and plying them together as usual. I'd like to challenge myself to spin like I haven't spun before, so to speak. Sometimes I spin singles but mostly I spin the same 2-ply over and over. It can be called having a "style" but I feel like I should take it to the next level. I'm still awaiting an order of thread to come in the mail to ply with. (Hey, it was on sale with free shipping. I usually buy thread in stores, not online!) I'm thinking the thread may be the key to breaking out of my routine. I haven't used it to ply with before. Perhaps when the Tour hits the mountain stages I'll stretch my wings a bit and see what happens.

I'm also spinning on the sly for fiber friday because I like to post something new on fridays, even in the middle of the Tour. It's never enough, right?

By the way - notice the new knitty is up? Must. Make. Knucks.

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Will you make this for me? PLEASE?