Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello January people!

I hope you made it through the holiday madness well. I am here, doing my best. I have a few bits of information to share with you on this fine cold afternoon. Pour yourself some hot tea or something and take a gander, won't you?

Sartorial Cowl

1. New pattern alert! The Sartorial Cowl is now available. The mystery has been solved. The cowl pattern comes in three sizes and costs $4.99

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2. I have an actual website now:

From now on, this here, where you are right now, is considered to be my blog. The other thing is my website. Feel free to check it out and share any feedback you want. I plan on adding a FAQ to it as well.

3. I am teaching in New York at Vogue Knitting Live in two weeks! Are you going? I am! Oh wait, I keep saying that. Please say hi to me if you see me. I am kind of shy around strangers but I'd just as soon be friends with you. So yeah, say hi! Also, sign up for my classes, please. I will teach you how to design your own socks and/or how to use wild, hand painted variegated yarns well.

4. Rockin' Sock Club time! Sign-ups just went live and I'm happy to say I am a part of this one! Head over to Blue Moon Fiber Arts to see for yourself. The only clue I can give you is that my pattern is for socks and it is the sort that works well with variegated yarns.

Camptown Races Cowl - Chevron Version

5. Camptown Races Pattern now available! Originally released as a kit from the Plucky Knitter, this cowl pattern is finally available for download for $4.99

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That's enough for now, I suppose. Photos as usual by Vivian Aubrey.

May your January be inspiring and bright!