Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tour updates 7/9

Originally uploaded by smalltownholly. Aka: Misshawklet

I feel funny posting pictures of other people's yarn without their direct permission but I do it when I find them on flickr and they're "bloggable" (copyrighted but not restricted) and I give full credit. I think I'm in the clear. If not please let me know. But I beg you, could you resist this yarn? I didn't think so.

I'm back from San Diego and just now got caught up with today's cycling stage as well as with my own spinning. I plied more yarn and will be able to do some dying tomorrow on our first "rest day." Oh! (singing) And I'm going to ship the yarn I sold on Friday! (end singing) I also plan on organizing a photo shoot outside my apartment to show off all the things I've been working on. One never rests really, does one?

I have a couple of updates from other Tour de Fleece spinners to share. Bitibis has some lovely mill ends dyed with kool aid totaling 230 yards! Impressive! Misshawklet also has some pretty yarn. (as you can see in the photo) They look like soft singles and their beauty makes me want to cry. You can see all of it on the Craftster board.

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