Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tour updates

I report that Hobbledehoy is also spinning mill ends from Sheep Shed Studio though I gather her results will be quite different from mine. My yarns tend to be cautious and plain and hers are like works of art. You can see her yarn/buy some in her Etsy shop. Her yarn inspired me to pick up some thread to ply with, which I'll get into later in the Tour.

Commentator Paul Sherwen sums up the Tour de France stage today: "Ouff! Who says the flat stages are boring?! I was just getting over the excitement of the sprint and the win by France's Jimmy Casper when the shot panned to Thor Hushovd, the overnight hero lying on the ground covered in blood..."

Yes. The lowlight of the day happened when at the very end of the course a fan waving a cardboard hand clipped Thor Hushovd as he sped by at 40 miles an hour, thus slicing his arm open and sending him to the hospital to get stitches. Apparently cardboard hands have been banned from the finish lines from now on.

The highlight for me today was when George Hincapie sprinted to steal a two-second time bonus which pushed him into first place. It was unexpected and bold, and suggests he means to make something of this Tour. He will ride tomorrow in the yellow jersey and I am really proud of him.

I was going to include a picture here of Hushovd laying in a pool of his own blood but it was somewhat gruesome and perhaps not suitable for a knitting blog. Unfortunately I made this decision after looking at countless photos on the internet so now I need to get the image of the stained yellow jersey out of my mind, somehow. The good news is that he is OKAY and plans to ride tomorrow! They may shave their legs but those cyclists are TOUGH.


Wendy Stackhouse said...

Thanks for the links and all. I WILL get some done today, probably finish the blues and post. The book is in the works in my head. DH says I can probably self-publish but I will probably approach a real publisher first. A trip to the library is in order to find out how to do that very thing!

Happy spinning!

Anonymous said...

In the history of competitive sports spectators, no athlete has ever been injured by someone waving a "WE'RE #1" foam finger.

Something to think about...