Monday, July 17, 2006

Tour updates 7/17

Today is a rest day from the Tour de France so it's a good day to get caught up on all things Tour de Fleece. It's been a little quiet in Tour news but we have three hard mountain stages ahead this week in the actual Tour, so I'm hoping we'll see some action.

Bitibis has pretty blues and green to share. It seems they are for sale in her Etsy shop as well. Nice work!

Fyberduck is organizing the handspun swap on Craftster and I am really excited for it. The sign-up closes in a few days so if you have been thinking about it, why not just jump in? It's my first swap but I hear they are addicting.

My hero Soprano Spinner is keeping busy knitting The Most Amazing Socks for the fair. Hit the link for a sneak peek. Be especially nice when you are there because she may be going through caffeine withdrawal. (By the way, when are they going to announce the spinning contest day at the fair? I want to see that!)

Melanie has pretty glitter yarn on her blog. Must be hypnotic to spin such shiny objects...I have to try that!

Another shout-out is in order for Chipper, who is so kind, bought my roving, and has very adorable children eating waffles on her blog. Thank you.

I leave you with a cute picture of The Lamb Who Looked Like A Deer. I found it on the web and it made me smile. Perhaps it will have the same effect on you.

Tomorrow is L'Alpe DE d'HUEZ people. The most famous climb in all of cycling. One week before we hit Paris. Get your spin on!


Brewer said...

Hey, I got the roving today. Unfortunately, the thought of even opening the bag on this hot, hot, hot day is too much for me. It looks beautiful though. I promise to touch it as soon as it cools off a little ;)

Thanks for the extras too. the kids are already making plans for what I will need to needle felt it into :)
--weaver (chipper)
ps the kids only look cute cause they aren't trying to sit on your lap in the heat :) but the waffles were yummy, yum, yum!

Star said...

Thanks Chipper. You may not want to needle felt the white stuff because it is pure merino. That said, do as you please. It's way too hot here too!