Monday, January 07, 2008

Trendy Knitting

According to Ravelry, the most popular patterns going right now are:

1. Monkey
2. Fetching
3. My So Called Scarf
4. Clapotis
5. Jaywalker

Odds are, you've knitted one of these. Or more. I've made Fetching twice. I started and frogged My So Called Scarf, Clapotis and Jaywalker.

Perhaps you strongly dislike one of these. There's always one of you in every crowd. Not me, I think they all rock!

And now I am an official Real Knitter because I finally cast on the Monkey. Not the toe-up knock off version, not the purl-free version. The pattern as written. Whoa.

The yarn is the beautiful Wollmeise Sockenwolle, in the color Pfefferminz Prinz... and it is hypnotizing me as I work it.


Jennifer said...

I'm working on a pair of Monkeys too! I thought I was the last one. I'm glad there are others knitting them too.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

I've done four Fetchings (pairs), two pairs of Monkeys, had a Jaywalker on the needles forever, and thought about spinning for a Clapotis. Sheesh! Don't call me a follower, no! And I want to spin for a Kauni and knit a Must Have Cardigan this year (following in the Harlot's footsteps, but not on purpose).

Diane said...

I love my Clapotis scarf