Sunday, August 31, 2008

Halloween Sock Kits!

In a collaboration with Fresh From the Cauldron Yarns I have come up with 2 new sock patterns available exclusively through the "All Hallows Eve" Sock Club. Actually, I believe there are 7 different options all together, for you indie dyer lovers who are also Halloween fans.

You know how sock clubs work, no spoilers. You have to have an adventurous spirit!

I can reveal the names of the colorways: Ichabod Crane and Pennywise, if that helps. How about the names of the patterns? TRON and Water Cube. Can you guess the inspirations?

Hurry up - the deadline to sign up is 10PM EST tonight.

If you miss the deadline, the yarns will be available through Fresh From the Cauldron and I'll have the pattern for sale sometime down the road. You only have this one chance to get the kit though.

Kits are $35. Subsequent kits are 15% off. Jen has a lot of frequent benefits programs, check them out on her Ravelry page here.

To reserve a kit, just send Jen a message. The kit will be posted for you in her Etsy shop on September 15th to buy then.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Still here!

Yes, I want to share my knitting with you, but I am busy busy busy!

coming soon:

2 new sock patterns to be released as kits from a cool indie designer (tease!)

A Halloween-inspired project to be released in the fall knitty "surprise"

Show and tell - my first baby knits - for my sweet new niece

And more!


Also, I'm busy picking berries and just exploring the great Northwest:

"Anybody who goes for a late-August walk... in the Pacific Northwest and doesn't want to move here is either stubborn or insane. - Paul Gerald, "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles, Portland

Have a great late August people!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Bike!

I have something to share... my new bike: The Schwinn Sprint (not to be confused with the shin splint)

My new bike

I was innocently walking through the neighborhood yesterday and I saw a bunch of bikes in a parking lot sale. Something red and shiny caught my eye, and the next thing I knew I was making a deal.

Backstory: I sold my old bike when I moved to Portland. I obviously needed a new one. My attitude towards bikes has evolved a bit over the years, and I keep making new rules about the kind of bike I want.

And then, I break them.

My new bike

Rule #1: No more Schwinn bikes.

Reason: To be fair, I have always considered vintage Schwinn bikes to be the very best in classic style and overall fun. This has always been my go-to bike. Of course, I could never go very far on one, and after one hill, I was pretty much spent. SO, I decided my next bike would be newer, lighter, and faster.

What happened: I don't have the money to get that bike. Besides, the Sprint is slightly newer and lighter than the Suburban I used to ride.

Rule #2: Girl-style bikes are dumb.

Reason: I was hung up on thinking girl-shaped bikes were the modern day equivalent of riding side-saddle. It was old fashioned and meant to keep you from going anywhere good.

What Happened: I tried to mount a boy-style bike in a short skirt and flashed a bunch of people. Lightbulb moment: a lower crossbar serves a purpose if you want to wear a skirt and ride a bike. It turns out the design is not dumb, and is in fact, quite smart.


New bike, Day one: Adventure!
I already have a helmet, and I also picked up a lock. I rode with a sense of freedom to meet some friends for pub-style trivia.

I quickly learned not only am I not in very good shape, the destination was a bit further than I thought it was and mostly uphill. By the time I got there, my legs felt like cement. I just had to lock it up so I could get some water and eat inside.

10 minutes of struggling with the u-lock later, I caught myself accidentally flashing the folks hanging out in front because of the contortion I had to put myself in to get it all working properly... making this the second time in one day I pulled a Britney. Or is it a Lindsey? I don't know.

Still, it was fun!

When it was time to go home, surprise... darkness! Thankfully I was able to ride the whole way in a convoy of bikes that had flashing safety lights - another thing I need to pick up if I ever want to ride at night again.

Having a bike teaches you a lot about life, mostly things you don't expect to learn. I thought I was going to develop a relationship to the road yesterday, but instead I learned to be better prepared. That and to be more lady-like with my legs if I am going to wear short skirts in public.