Friday, July 07, 2006

Fiber Friday 7/7

I've been spinning on the downlow so I could show off for Fiber Friday! These skeins could be considered Tour de Fleece yarn as well for those keeping score. The first one here is superwash merino 2-ply worsted weight measuring 140 yards. It has nice subtle colors in person. It looks a bit pink in the photo but it's not quite so. Actually, both yarns have a lot of the same fiber, but with the different plying techniques, they came out like very distant cousins. I think I have an unintentional experiment on my hands.

This second one is another attempt at Navajo-ply and I don't love the 3-ply texture of it. The yarn is pretty enough but my opinion is influenced by the fact that I didn't enjoy plying the yarn and that there's only 57 yards of it now that it's done. You lose a third of the length in the plying? Am I doing it wrong? It's like you have to crochet with your fingers while feeding the yarn onto the bobbin. I couldn't get the hang of it and don't feel compelled to practice again just yet. On the plus side, I am comfortable selling this one and will add it to my Etsy shop today!

On the other hand, this yarn is pretty. Maybe I should hang onto it...


Anonymous said...

Both look great!

Brewer said...

More in the shop, huh? Are you trying to shame me? :) my husband says "see, she can put stuff up for sale." I think I will tell him I need more stock and must therefore buy more roving :) that'll learn 'im!

Great yarn and good luck selling!!!

Star said...

Oh no! I never thought I would get you in trouble! I think you probably need more roving too. You can never have enough ;)

Thanks for the support!