Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day, 2012

Four years ago I blogged about spinning yarn on leap day. A lot has happened in my life since then as I imagine it has in yours.

I'd like to present a flashback to that day, because even though it was four years ago, it is resonating on my frequency today.

Leap Day:

Today is a special day that only exists in secret gardens, magic castles, and enchanted forests... a hidden room behind a bookcase, a day in between days.

It's a good day for making progress, for making a giant leap!

Today I share with you a progression of fiber. I dyed the wool, spun it up, and plied it together into yarn. It's now called Sea Change.

Is it perfect? No. Was it once the clippings off a sheep? Yes.

That is the sea change.

Even as everything spins around in constant chaos, we have a free day. Use it for do-overs and new beginnings... I suggest.

There is so much magic in creating things. It is a leap. I am a part of it and so are you.

This day is for us!

/end flashback

I needed that. Enjoy your extra day today, party people! And in other news, look out tomorrow for a new pattern.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This day in 1963

I was just now sitting around knitting (what else?) and thinking about the date today.

I like numbers and patterns, and when numbers fall into certain patterns, I feel a deep sense of peace in my brain.

Today is 2-22-2012 - I actually kind of hate this number. The year messes it up. I do like 2-22 on it's own though, a LOT.

So, I searched around for pictures taken on this date that might somehow convey what I feel when numbers align... I think I found it!

Here is a cool picture from February 22, 1963:

USS Woodrow Wilson Launching Ceremony
USS Woodrow Wilson Launching Ceremony

You are looking at a bottle of champagne exploding on the exterior of a huge plane. The woman smashing the bottle seems pleased despite the mess. I don't know who you are but if you are like me you don't get asked to smash champagne bottles on things often enough.

Let this moment remind us of the possibilities in life. Sometimes numbers line up nicely. There is always a new beginning filled with potential somewhere. Just take that bottle and smash it!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mt. Hood Snow Cap

Welcome to February! I hope you are all well and managing your winter with good cheer. I am excited because today marks the release of my first (but not last!) hat pattern: Mt. Hood Snow Cap.

Mt Hood Snow Cap
Marcia Sanders-Guard braves the blustery snow on Mt. Hood

Inspiration: Mt. Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon and can be seen from almost any location in Portland. On the southern flank sits Timberline Lodge, built in the 1930’s as part of the WPA.

Mt Hood Snow Cap
Marcia shows off the snowflake crown while warming up inside Timberline Lodge

The exterior was made famous as the Overlook Hotel, where all work and no play made Jack lose his mind in The Shining. Most people, however, associate the lodge with playing in the snow and drinking hot cocoa by the fire. The Mt. Hood Snow Cap was inspired by this sort of experience. Wear it frolicking outside on a cold day or maybe just inside on a hot cocoa day instead!

Mt. Hood Snow Cap
Anatole cuddles up to Marcia

This advanced-beginner pattern is knit in the round. The mountain flap is knit first, then additional sts are added for the ribbing. The crown shaping mimics a snowflake, with optional bobbles. You’ll need to know how to cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, and follow written instructions.

Mt. Hood Snow Cap
Child's Fitted Hat with Bobbles

Yarn: DK-weight yarn. Samples shown: Madeline Tosh DK [100% Merino superwash wool; 225yd per 100gr ball]; color: Chambray (small fitted hat), Burnished (large slouchy hat) Cove (child fitted hat): 1 skein. Hat uses approx 160, [170, 180] yards.

Gauge: 22 sts/30 rows = 4” in stockinette stitch

Needles: 1 set US #4/3.5mm 16” circular needle and double pointed needles OR size needed to obtain gauge.

Mt. Hood Snow Cap
Left: Chambray; Center: Cove; Right: Burnished

Hat Sizes: Child [Adult Small, Large]

Hat Circumference: 18” [20,” 22”] OR 46 [51, 56] cm

Notions: Tapestry needle. Optional: Contrast yarn or thread for embroidery.

Mt. Hood Snow Cap
Simple snowflake embroidered over mountain flap

This pattern was test knitted by Roxanne Powell and cthulhulovesme. Child hat knitted by Roxanne Powell. Hats modeled by Marcia Sanders-Guard, Gabe Sanders-Guard and Anatole. Photography by Vivian Aubrey and Gabe Sanders-Guard. Many, many thanks!

Mt. Hood Snow Cap
Large Adult Slouchy Hat without Bobbles

This pattern is available for download $4.99
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Mt. Hood Snow Cap
Marcia... you cutie!

Want more? This pattern is part of the Stumptown Knits Collection: a monthly pattern club featuring 6 accessory patterns inspired by the place you live and the place you love. For me, it's Portland, Oregon.

Benefits for joining the club:
  • When finished, the club will be compiled into an e-book. The e-book will be included in the cost of the club for those who join.
  • Half the cost of buying the individual patterns.
  • Individual patterns as well as finished e-book (at the end of the club) can be stored in your Ravelry library.
  • Knit-a-longs! This time we will have official knit-a-longs each month with prizes! See my group here for info in January.
  • 20% off discount codes to use at Twisted. All of the yarns used in this club are available for purchase there and if you want to match the yarns I’m using, you can!
Join now! Only $15.99
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Mt. Hood Snow Cap
Snowflake crown and bobble detail

Before you go, I want to remind you that we have knit-a-longs going on Ravelry. Just be sure to stop by the group here. The January prizes included a pouch from Namaste and lip balm from Bar Maids. February prizes will be announced in the Ravelry group!

If you want to knit along with us but can’t finish your project before the end of the month, don’t worry. There will be a prize thread at the end of the club for any finished pieces done after the deadline... still more chances to win something!

Thank you so much for joining me on this tour of the places I love. I hope you are enjoying the patterns, and even perhaps finding your own renewed interest in your places too.

Warm Regards,