Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tour de France is off the hook!

I know I should try to focus my banter to all things fiber-related but I must digress to what is in the forefront of my thoughts. And besides, The Tour de Fleece combines my love of spinning with my love of cycling. And I talk of that Tour all the time.

Yesterday, my heart was heavy because of the tremendous meltdown in the Tour de France. Americans seem to care very little about the Tour now that Lance Armstrong is retired but the irony is, this year's Tour is the most crazy, unpredictable and wild race in years. It appeared that Floyd Landis, who I pledged alliance with after he announced he needs his hip replaced, was not going to win. Not after yesterday. Not after he bonked on the last climb of the last mountain and lost 8 minutes on the pack.

And somehow today he found a way to claw back to the top. People who know about such things as The History Of The Tour, which is taken very seriously, have universally said that they have never seen a stage like today. He made up most of the time lost. He did it on courage, heart, and determination.

There are only 30 seconds between first and third place now. This is the closest race in years.

Here we are, three days away from the end, and we still don't know who will win. You must consider watching the time trial on Saturday, where it will all go down. Lance would have it wrapped up by now, with such a lead over the pack that no one could come close to winning. This year, not so.

If you are getting interested, you can read about today's stage here. Thank you for indulging me. I will resume fiber news presently.

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It was a hell of a day