Sunday, July 23, 2006

Talking about the heat is worse than sitting in it

It's still too hot to knit. It's also too hot to spin. Or dye fiber. Or knit.

There will be no review of the Tom Jones show last night because I only recall that it was great and a lot of fun. And that he is a good performer and his fans are nuts. The main thing is that it was too hot...

Is this getting as tedious to read as it is to write? Moving along!

In homespun swapping news, partners have been assigned and I'm curse-word scared curse-word!

The ORGANIZER is a very advanced spinner and she also happens to be my partner! She's a good sport too being a Tour de Fleece spinner! I'll get good yarn, but I'm suddenly struck with performance anxiety. It never occurred to me this could happen.

Finally, The last bit of news. The Tour de France ended today! But you already knew that. Somehow another American won it, coming from behind and with a dead hip. The fanfare! How I long to cycle along the Champs Elysées nursing a glass of champagne...

I'll have a full update tomorrow on how our spinners have fared. Now that the spin-along is over I might have to join a knit-along, I rather enjoyed the process! It's nice to feel like you are a part of something... something other than a world-wide heat wave that is.

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