Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Alpe d'Huez

The most famous climb in the world of cycling. It's not the longest or the steepest, but it sure takes it's toll on a cyclist. I feel a bit empty now that it's been done. Like the day after Christmas to a child, it's a year before we get it back. That's IF it comes back next year. The Tour changes every year, people. For now, only two more hard climbing stages remain, a time trial, and a promenade through Paris. This year's Tour de France is winding down. I am making the mistake of missing it already, though it is still in action for five more days. Obviously I need therapy.

I dyed fiber on the "rest day" yesterday. There's something beachy about it. The sun, sand and sky. What do the colors look like to you?

To challenge myself today I am plying some overspun singles with gold colored blue jean thread. I know this is a common spinning technique but it is new to me. It's a tough climb, but I'm ready.


Wendy Stackhouse said...

It looks like comfort food to me, the middle of a hard-boiled egg or deviled eggs at a church fellowship party. Yummy!

I've not been spinning (you know why) but I am on the SECOND TO LAST band on the second sock, so tonight is probably the night of the experiment. I will try corrugated ribbing on the top of the second sock. If I like it, I will take out the top of the first one. If not, frog this one and do it the same. I hope it works better!

I do feel that this (sort of) push to the end of the second sock is really a hard stage for this project and appropriate for today's Tour.

Now how do I get the leftover sock yarn into the blankie...

Star said...

It does look like the inside of hard-boiled eggs! I was thinking maybe lemongrass. It's usually something food-related!

Congrats on the sock progress. You are SO close now! It works out Tour-wise as you say. Today felt challenging to me in lots of ways actually!

Have a nice night!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks like lemon pie filling