Monday, July 17, 2006

I told you it was ugly

Here is my homemade PVC niddy noddy in action. I love it a lot because of what it's doing. It's a valuable tool in the yarn making process.

I suppose this is a good lesson for me not to be so shallow.

Then again, not everything has to be beautiful, right? Why should I feel bad about calling it ugly? It can't hear me. Can it? Wait, can it? Of course not. It's plastic. But it could be reading my thoughts. Or this blog.

Personally, I'm trying to be as cute as possible all the time. I accept my niddy noddy to look as it does.

Let's just say this picture won't end up in any Flickr pool.


Anonymous said...

I love it, and I want one. I'll probably make one just as ugly, so your niddy noddy will have a brother or sistah out here in the free world.


Wendy Stackhouse said...

It's not ugly, it's functional. And you won't probably melt yours (I melted mine in a dyeing experiment). Let's just say, don't steam set the yarn by putting the niddy in the pot over the steam. Just use the kettle.

Back to spinning soon, I hope!

Star said...

Thanks guys! I was half joking around about it being ugly. It doesn't really matter and if there was a niddy twin out there it would make me smile.

Gosh! I was thinking about letting it sit in the pot! I think you just saved me big time.