Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yarn show-off

I finally got around to taking photos today!

This is an 82-yard skein of mill ends (85% wool, 15% mohair) that I dyed and spun up to a sportweight/dk weight yarn. I'm really happy with the results! I put a few coils in for fun but I might take a break from that sort of thing for a while. Any day now I'm getting some fancy thread in the mail to ply with and I'm thinking my spinning style will change while I experiment with it. The Tour de France will start to get really interesting tomorrow because they are finally headed into the mountains. I feel that will be a good time to challenge myself too.

More Tour de France news: American hopeful Floyd Landis had a press conference where he announced he will need a hip replacement as soon as the Tour is over. I always liked him but now he is the ONE I am cheering on to win. (Sorry George) I am such a sucker for an injured animal.

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Anonymous said...

this looks great!