Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ye Olde Timey Cycling Stockings

Show and tell time... I bring you knee socks on the hottest day of the year! (or, confirmation of my increasing insanity)

Cycling Stockings
Photo by Vivian

Pattern: "Cycling or Golf Stockings with Fancy Cuff in Trellis Pattern" by Nancy Bush from the book "Knitting Vintage Socks."

Yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwolle. Color: Spice Market, Dark. Contrast color Wollmeise 80/20 in Frosch Harmonic.


Wollmeise Frosch

Hiya Hiya Stainless Steel, US size 1 (2.25mm) Magic Loop method.

Pattern Review: Brilliant and fun. Nancy Bush is a legend. For those of you who don't know, this book is a collection of vintage patterns updated and reworked for modern yarns. In short, it belongs in your library, people.

The pattern introduced a new heel technique for me and while I liked the turn, I didn’t love the yarn overs. No biggie though. I enjoyed the pointy toe - I’ve never seen a toe like it and it fits me well.

Photo (C) 2009 Leethal

The instructions are easy to follow and have great results. The socks are worked from the top down, with a folded cuff. I opted to make a few changes there.

I worked them with the stranding motif on the top of the sock instead of folding the cuff over. I like the idea of doing these as written but I was afraid they would be too tight on me. (My gauge was a little tight)

Also, I made the leg nice and long to fit me.

Yarn Review:
The beloved Wollmeise. This is some pretty special yarn and I couldn't be happier with it. The colors are amazing and the feel is pleasant. The yarn base is composed of many plies, tightly spun. When washed, the socks soften up quite a bit.

I realize there is something obnoxious regarding bragging about hard to get yarn. And yet, I am doing it anyway. I am trying not to keep it precious but to actually knit with it.

Photo (C) 2009 Leethal

Overall: This project combines several of my loves:

1. Knee socks.

2. Vintage knitting.

3. Cycling. Bonus points for Olde Timey Cycling.

4. Chocolate and pistachios. Oh, well, technically it's spice and frog, but they're my socks and I'll think of them as I like.

5. Fancy German yarn.

I'm glad I was able to USE the Wollmeise. I was just leaving it on the shelf out of fear of ruining it.

Lesson of the day: Use your good yarn. If I can, you can.

Cycling Stockings
Photo by Vivian

I also had confirmation on something I've known for a while but have been trying to push out of my mind. Since I took up running and cycling this year, my calves and ankles have gotten bigger. So what, Right? Just vanity speaking. Posting it here is my way of telling my calves I appreciate what they do, even if they had to get bigger to do it.

In conclusion, I love these socks! I’d like to photograph these while on my bike. Hopefully I’ll make that happen soon!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Freshman Cable Socks

I haven't seen the new Knitscene yet but it's hitting the stores really soon.

I have a pattern in there: Freshman Cable Socks... Wanna see a teaser?

(Thanks to emilyshmemily for modeling!)

Freshman Cabled Socks

I’m really inspired by the way you can draw simple lines and geometric shapes with basic cables; the design happens from the placement of the cables, rather than the detail of the cable itself.

Freshman Cabled Socks

This project uses cables that are elongated and stacked in a spiraling, angular design. The left and right sock mirror each other for added interest.

Freshman Cabled Socks

I originally wanted these socks to be like your freshman year in a new endeavor… jump in and get started!

But maybe these are just socks to wear to the library. Either way.