Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tour de Fleece (Why didn't I think of that!)

Today is officially the first day of the Tour de France! Yesterday's time trial was considered the prologue for anyone who cares to be technical. I'm not sure if I do. But first, the spinning news:

I know Wendy aka soprano spinner is working on some blue singles and I look forward to getting a peek at those. Speaking of things that are blue, you've GOT to check out her blue ribbon socks from last year's county fair, and read about her adventures in spinning as well. I would be TERRIFIED to enter a spinning contest where you have to spin on demand in front of actual people. I also gather she is planning a book about making socks with homespun and I can't think of a better idea. Can you have that finished by Christmas please?

I'm not spinning a lot but I'm still in the race. I imagine myself to be at the back of the pack. These early days are for the sprinters and I'm a bit slow. But we all know the race is decided in the mountains. I'm still at work on those mill ends as reported yesterday. There's definitely some mohair in there and I'm glad about that. You never know what you're getting with mill ends. I can usually spot mohair or superwash but other than that I'm clueless. I'd love to be a fiber psychic who could tell the breed, age, and nature of the animal by touching the fleece. (Hmm, feels like a three-year-old alpaca named Tina who foregoes dinner occasionally. Soft as a cloud to spin) Sorry, I digress.

Hey! We've got four more spinners in the peloton - WELCOME!

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