Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Aguas Frescas color chart

I'm going to have to do this a bit more carefully and photograph each color on it's own but for now...here it is!

I present the aguas frescas line of kool-aid dyed onto wool roving. The number one feature that differentiates this series to the regular kool-aid colors I think is that these are sunset colors. In real life, these are very bright. When I dyed, I aimed for medium tones, not too saturated and not too washed out.

Both of these yellows (pina and mango) are golden and warm. I am happy to see this since the only other yellow I have from kool-aid, lemonade, is cold and greenish. I had been using wilton's buttercup for yellow and it's great to have two more options. The mango is especially pleasing.

The tamarindo is interesting. It doesn't come even close to any other color in the kool-aid palette, since it's basically beige. I'm interested in experimenting with this color, to see how dark it can go and also blending it with other colors to mute them.

The jamaica is the closest to the usual kool-aid colors but it's unique too. The intensity is high and the saturation happened immediately. It's a rich, bloody hibiscus dye.

Finally, I am confounded by the mandarina. The color on the package gave me the impression it would be a darker orange than it is. I don't know what to do with it except use sparingly.

Keep in mind that the colors may not be accurate on your monitor. They aren't exact on mine either. But I think you get the general idea.

In more kool-aid news, I did pick up some flavors I didn't have before and I plan on giving them a go as well. This includes changin' cherry (blue!), strawberry lemonade and strawberry kiwi. I think the latter two are both pink and the possibility exists that I may NOT dig into those right away.

What's next? I spun up the aguas frescas samples into a thick-thin singles yarn. I will show it off after I set the twist, of course.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is orange!

Harlem Purl said...

yup, both of those flavors are pink. Since you seem to be going thru a pink phase you might as well do it full force. Right?

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Now, the mandarina is my favorite, so go figure! I'm also using the food colorings (giant bottles) from Smart and Final. They have both lemon yellow and golden yellow, which at full saturation is a great orange, not neon but extremely saturated and fun. The red is also very intense at full saturation.

I also like the mango, might have to get some...

I'm thinking about doing a bulk order of superwash wool for...selling...Do you have a good resource? Woodland Woolworks seems to be the best so far.


Brewer said...

alright. since I hate letting the kids drink koolaid, it may be time to try dying with some. got any instructions for the dye newbie?

AR said...

Those look so amazing! When I used the Changin'Cherry, I got a really great greenish-blue. Sort of teal? It's so hard to describe color, but I liked it.

erin32mc said...

those are gorgeous!!! i can't pick a favorite one. first i tink the mango is it...and then i mandarina...but oh...they are all so pretty.

Star said...

Thanks all! I can't believe how many of us are into kool-aid dying.

soprano - wool for spinning or yarn? Have you checked out sheep shed studio yet? VERY affordable.

weaver - good question. I am working on a tutorial on this very thing. I started out using the instructions on craftster (HUGE thread there) and knitty. I don't add vinegar to kool-aid since it is already acidic enough. I usually use the microwave too - very easy!

ar - I think that may be the next one I try! I like the way it sounds.

Brewer said...

I've noticed the craftster thread on koolaid dying but have been avoiding it in an attempt to NOT add yet another addiction :) Now I'll just wait for yours :)

Helen said...

Just wanted to thank you for this colour chart, it helped me make up my mind to try out some new colours :)

I wrote a tutorial for kool-aid dyeing and sources for kool-aid and undyed yarn here in the UK and posted it as a free pdf download over on Ravelry today, I included a link for your work and just wanted to thank you for your inspiration.