Saturday, August 05, 2006

Knitting show and tell

This summer has been filled with lots of knitting and spinning. I knit a small cotton bag for a camera as a gift for Gina. The top has a drawstring closure. The colors are a bit nutty but it is summer after all!

I also finished a pair of knucks (from knitty) but still have to embroider the knuckle tattoo part. They are made in fall colors because it's what I had in my stash. I will do the embroidery when I make up my mind as to what to write on there.

I know "love" and "hate" are traditional but I don't think I ever understood what that meant. I've narrowed it down to something knitting, spinning or blogging related.

I need to pick up another project but what? I've seen a lot of bloggers making posts about their unfinished projects...well I only have one, and I'm not going to finish it anytime soon! Wanna see it? It's a lace scarf. It turns out I'm a monogamous knitter! I tend to finish what I start (or rip it out and pretend it never existed).

There's a certain emptiness a knitter feels in between projects. Like a reader feels in between books or a chef in between meals. You have a world of potential before you, which is both inspiring and intimidating. Are you going to make another cuff that takes thirty minutes or a complicated lace shawl that will take you about a year to finish? Or socks? But a new pattern for socks you haven't tried yet? Something to make from your yarn stash or something you give yourself permission to shop for?

I'm waiting for inspiration to strike. Until then, I'll look through my stash, look through the recent knitting magazines and hope I feel a connection to something.


Anonymous said...

It's very much a creative process, isn't it. Almost like when you're trying to decide which story to write next.

Star said...

That's EXACTLY what it's like. It's a combination of doing the work and getting inspired.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Me, I'm never between projects. I can't be monogamous and have to start the next thing before the previous thing is finished. To me it's like finishing a good book. I really don't want it to end so I have to overlap! But it does lead to the scary list on my last blog post!

Plus I REALLY want the Gatsby Girl Pullover from IK, really, really. I shall have to make some time somewhere...better get all those socks knitted over vacation so I can do something else while I make the FIL sweater.

ginaveee said...

i LOVE my camera's a perfect fit! thanks!