Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Looky at the lovely silhouette art I scored in another Craftster swap! An artist named bhean put this together for me since she knew I was a spinner (see - spinning with a drop spindle!)

Obviously I LOVE it! If I ever get a tattoo, this could be it. And it's never too late for a tattoo, right mom?

The next picture is of a wallet a Craftster named knottydottie made for me! You can't tell but it's very well-constructed in real life. If you look closely you'll see the fabric is elephants! CUTE!

Last but not least (by a long shot), I present the envelope and label collection from devilninny. I love how a lot of the envelopes represent knitting and cute animals (including a skunk) and the labels have knitting themes on them too. Very thoughtful.


Brewer said...

Wow! what a haul! That picture is wonderful!

AR said...

Yeah, great stuff. I LOVE that fairie. Awesome!

Star said...

I was very lucky this week!

Gina, I'm not sure but I could find out. It is pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

Right! Er...where were you thinking of putting it?