Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Aguas Frescas Yarn

Remember the roving I dyed with aguas frescas flavors of kool-aid? I spun a small amount up in a thick-thin singles yarn to get a better sense of the color palette.

I also threw in some white as is in my style this summer. I don't know why I do it. I think it's like adding water to a strong tea to dilute it, or maybe I just like bits of white in my yarn these days.

I sold some more roving in my etsy shop this morning and I'm up to my eyeballs in swapping duties. I am making someone some cabled armwarmers from this free pattern. It looks like fun!

I've already had some adventures in yarn selection, but I'll save that story for when I've made progress. Besides, I'm certain to make a few more mistakes along the way which is usually decent comedy.

In exchange for these armwarmers I expect to get a handmade mixed paper journal. I love the idea of trading things I can make for things I want but can't make.

A big thing among Craftster swappers is the "wist." A lot of you are already hip to the wists but for those who aren't it's like an online wishlist of things you think are cool, want to know more about, or just plain want. I've resisted creating my own wists but it does seem to help people get a better sense of your style.

ps: I tried to align the yarn in this posting so that it looks like an exclamation point!

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AR said...

gorgeous!! Wow!