Thursday, August 17, 2006

Swap yarn show-off part 2

My yarn from the Craftster homespun swap arrived!

Here are the stats: Pink yarn is 70/30 merino/silk 1.5 oz and about 50 yards. The mixed skein in the middle is romney + 1.5 oz and about 45 yards. The brown yarn is 2.8 oz and over 100 yards. It's baby alpaca! Did I score or what?

I am beyond excited and thrilled to have these! I think they go very well together and may use them in the same project. Any ideas?

I just had a lightbulb moment. The time and energy I am putting into these swaps is like what I would normally do if I had a job! I like this much, much better... but where will the money come from?

But seriously, look at the yarn. How did she make the mixed skein? I have to dig in there and check it out. Here is the yarn I sent to her. (In case anyone is curious)


AR said...

Beautiful! Lucky swappers!! Do you have any ideas about what you'll do with it?

Brewer said...

Very beautiful! I got mine today too. I've got to go get pics (got online first to send thanks)

Star said...

I still don't know what to do with it. Maybe a hat? A scarf? Something simple to let the yarn do the talking.