Friday, August 25, 2006

Fiber Friday 8/25/06

I don't have much yarn to show off this week but if you want to see some really awesome yarns, check out the Fiber Friday thread on Craftster today. I clearly have a lot to learn!

I'll share what I am learning. I keep swapping the yarn I make. And since I have a hard time determining the value of my homespun, I give more than I should.

Another thing I am learning is that people really like the homespun novelty yarns. I think it's like if you've been a classical painter and the world wants cubism. You have to slow down and learn the technique. The world may think it's quicker and easier to go abstract, but it's actually harder in a lot of ways. But a fun challenge nonetheless.

Yarn in photo stats: 75 yards of bulky 2-ply. 4.2 oz blend of hand-dyed merino, targhee and rambouillet. And then of course, the aguas frescas kool-aid yarn.


Brewer said...

that's all beautiful stuff.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Your handspun has great value, whatever you think of it yourself! There are so many elements of creativity that go into its production and it is PERFECT for SOMETHING.

Kids go back to school this week and I'm home. Wanna get together?

And how was ER?

Star said...

Thanks weaver chipper and ginavee! These type of comments make me happy!

soprano, you're FINALLY coming back! You've been gone for ages! I'd love to get together :)

ER story soon...