Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mom knitting part 2

The Mitered Square Rug from Interweave! The free pattern is a lot of fun and a fair amount of work as well.

The picture on the top is the one my mom made, and it is posing on a tabletop so it can seen easier. Don't be frightened of the spine, she's a physical therapist.

The lower one is the one I made with different colors. Neither one of us used the colors in the pattern, though they are lovely too. We knitters are limited to the choices available, no?

If you adore weaving in thousands of loose ends, give it a go. We're almost at the end of cotton knitting season, people. Fall is right around the corner.


AR said...

Those look great! Purple is my hubby's fave color, and orange is mine. lol. Thanks for the link. I might try one some day.

Anonymous said...

They would look good together

Anonymous said...

Now that I see yours again, I really like your color scheme. It's so vibrant! I just may have to make another one.

Star said...

Hi moma ewe! I think yours is really pretty! You can always pick up more yarn when you visit (hee hee hee)

Linda said...

Thanks for the inspiration! - both of these rugs look fantastic :-)