Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Adventures of the postal center

Here are some little parcels I put together for a swap I entered on Craftster. (scroll down to see the contents: cuffs!)

I like to mail things from the postal center around the corner instead of going to the post office for a lot of reasons. This includes, but is not limited to: length of lines, temperature inside building, attitude of employees, odds of being chatted up by creepy dudes, proximity to my house.

One funny thing about the local post center is that they sell lots of mail-related doodads and one random item. I try to keep it clean around here but it's sort of amazing to me that they also sell lube. It's in the glass case, next to the sharpies. I don't understand it, and I don't ask.

Anyway, I was filling out forms in there today and this guy walks in and says, "don't look at my face, I just had laser and it looks terrible." The two guys behind the counter and I all immediately look at his face. I don't know what "laser" means, but it's true, he did look terrible.

As he was collecting the items in his box, he started telling us about his night. His neighbor tried to stab him with a giant knife! All because he asked the neighbor not to put his trash in front of his door. If you're like me, you are suspecting there is more to the story.

After some discussion, the four of us agreed the neighbor has a crystal meth problem. The stabber is going to jail for two months and laser face had a steel plate installed over his front door. I started to get involved, but I managed to walk away in the end. I often attract this sort of chaos. Don't even ask me how I got myself into my current situation of storing a homeless guy's wardrobe thingy in my livingroom. Oy vey!


Anonymous said...

That is an adventure... I wonder what Laser means?

erin32mc said...

i have to did you get to storing some persons wardrobe thingy in your place....i just can't help but's eating away at me....

Brewer said...

Wow! and here I was thinking that I had adventures at the post office cause I take 3 kids under 7 with me :)

I think I'll stick to my adventures :)

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Do you think he had laser eye surgery? It's very common nowadays.

I seriously dislike taking the kids to the P.O. They play with the automatic postage machine and print out receipts with their names on. Of course, I let them, since this is preferable to running and yelling, blah, blah, blah. I make them sound worse than they are but the P.O. is BORING.

Yes, tell the story about the clothes in your living room!

Star said...

Wow, now I have to tell that story I think! I suppose there could be a whole book about post office stories.

I don't think it was laser eye surgery because it was his face that was puffy, red, blotchy, etc. I had the laser eye surgery and nothing like that happened.

I thought it was funny the way he said "laser" like we would all know what that meant.