Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Swap yarn show-off

Yay! My swap partner received the yarn I sent so I can show it off! It's 4oz of worsted to bulky weight hand-dyed goodness. I tried to spin it smaller but I swear the fiber wanted me to spin it thick. I always obey the fiber. Well, not always, but I really should.

This skein is 2-ply and mostly pink. (what a girly week I'm having...) My swap partner, who also happens to be the organizer, started a thread on Craftster where all the swappers can show off the yarn. So far, I'm the only one there.

I sent off the yarn with time to spare and now it looks like I can join another swap...uh oh! I'm enjoying the swapping! This can only lead to danger and yet off I go.

In unexpected news, I am seriously considering going to Burning Man this year. I have never been and am looking for an opportunity to get away from myself a bit. At the same time, this crazy fest is intimidating and heat stroke-y, so I don't know. But it would be interesting to set up a spinning wheel in the middle of nowhere.

OH! Before I forget, I got a fine haircut today and that's why I'm late posting. Maybe the haircut will help me "get away from myself" so I don't have to camp in the desert after all.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many spinners and knitters will be at burning man? It would be fun to get them all together!

AR said...

pretty yarn!