Sunday, September 03, 2006

stash enhancement

The lovely Sopranospinner is back in town and gifted quite a lot to me this weekend! See the alpaca? See the big bag?

Actually, she gave me two bags, but the first one has pretty small cuts, too small to spin. BUT not too small too felt I'm thinking, and I'm going to experiment with that soon.

I have been making felted beads lately and I'm curious if alpaca will "go there." Time to research alpaca washing. I hear they have no lanolin. No grease.

Also, I got a big tin of unwanted Wilton's dyes... Score! But which ones to try first?

In closing, Alex and I are meant to go to brunch today and I'm already wondering how I can avoid overeating. I have some fantastic problems to sort out today, no?


AR said...

Lucky you! Have fun with all of that alpaca, and all of those dyes.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Ooh, I never thought of felting! Then again, I don't think about felting much...

Glad you're enjoying the stuff!

Camisole knitting is going well. Right front will be finished today, left front cast on. I'm hoping to be blocking the pieces on Thursday. Time to spare!

gurlpurl said...

hey there sugar!
i have a ton of fiber that i dyed with some easter egg dye earlier this year...and i wanna send it to you! email me 'kay?
AND i saw bunny baldoz at 24hr fitness the other night...even though i pretended i didn't see him! and the other day i saw stephen malkmus there...he has a very grotesque fact most guys up here have a very gross facial hair thingie going's compeltely awful.
i am on a facial hair boycott.
OK back to knitting...

Star said...

cracking up