Monday, September 18, 2006

Mom knitting part 3

Actually it's part 4 now - way to go mom!

Look at the adorable animals knit by my mom! A cat, a monkey and a pig. Best friends forever.

The big fiber news from my mom is nearly unbelievable. Check this out:

But first, the backstory is that my folks live in Hawaii. (see the sheets?) There are a few people on "da islandz" with unusual animals. I asked my mom if she would consider finding out if any fiber animals live there and well, what happens to their fleece?

Not only did she track down some animals, she called the owner of a farm with some sheep. The owner is a local council man and my mom called him while he was in a council meeting! No worries. After some conversation, they agreed he would call when they were shearing. But, he never called and it was sad indeed.

Until, that is, this Saturday. He called to say they were shearing and could she come over? Of course. Then he told her they were merino sheep and there were a couple of kids in there too. Young merino, people. And from what I hear, long locks. And for free. (I'll give you a second to catch your breath.)

My folks crammed what they could into a 30-gallon trash bag and left the rest behind. They say it's about 20 pounds worth. We are now trying to think of an appropriate gift to give the kind sheep people. They were pretty baffled we wanted the fleece, and are curious what we plan to do with it. I'm thinking a knitted sheep? Someone in this family is obviously good at (see picture)

Now, how are we going to get thirty gallons (twenty pounds) of dirty, raw fleece to Los Angeles?


Wendy Stackhouse said...

What a problem to have! And why raise Merinos if you don't have something in mind for the fleeces? But what do I know.

Certainly smelly fleeces are shipped from place to place all the time. Maybe you should post to the Spin-List or something and see if they have any advice.

And thank you so much for the yarn photo! And the information about the socks. DH is mad that they didn't give a blue ribbon, but I think it will encourage me to do a better job with my knitting. I know they weren't perfect.

Anonymous said...

Way cute stuffies. As far as the raw fleece. When there's a will, there is most certaintly a way. As for a gift, someone definitly has to knit up a lil something something that came from the fleece.


AR said...

Cute animals! Lucky problem to have, too! I think a knitted sheep would be an adorable gift.

Anonymous said...

I love that monkey.

Brewer said...

Holy Cow!!! Wow! I just told my mom the other day that her and her husband need to quit with the corn and beans and get their farm to where it should be. All about the fiber! :) It came up in the conversation because she asked what can be done with alpaca (there are tons of alpacas at the farms all around them) I had to laugh, cause just that day I was at the wool festival and bought some alpaca roving. I told her she needs to make nice with the alpaca owners so she can try to get me some fiber :) Unfortunately, I don't know anyone with fiber animals. Congrats on the great find!