Sunday, September 17, 2006

LA County Fair

I love a good fair and the LA County Fair is One Fine Fair indeed. It's funny but it's technically not in Los Angeles County.

Anyway... First stop: Deep fried artichoke hearts. Oh yes, you read that right.

I love taking pictures of signs. Sadly, my camera ran out of batteries before I could snap a picture of the Krispy Kreme donut chicken sandwich sign. Oh well.

After the first course, we saw a hypnotist captivate a large crowd. I don't know how to comment on this except to say if you've even seen this sort of thing, it can be amusing.

I was trying to play it cool but I really wanted to see if the three skeins of homespun yarn I submitted for judgment were on display anywhere. When I got to the right place, imagine my amazement when I saw ribbons on attached to all three! YES!

I was simply hoping to possibly see them on display. I did NOT expect to get a ribbon, much less three! So cool!

If you are going to the Fair - go see them! Here are my observations of the display:

First of all, they hung two skeins together and put the third further down the case, which is odd.

Also, they untied the skeins to judge them, but didn't exactly tie them back up again to display them.

Finally, all the people who entered got third place ribbons. So don't ask me who got first. And don't ask me to explain the judging process because I don't understand it either. Honestly, I don't care. I am happy with my pretty ribbons.

Side note: never eat fried artichokes and then allow someone to take your picture. Trust me, you will not like the way you look. Also, wear sunscreen everyday, okay?

I bought 400 yards of fingering weight olive green baby alpaca yarn in the fiber animal den from some nice people at Mill Canyon Wool Processing. They had the wool processing equipment on display and it was a lovely exhibit. I'm thinking socks? Soft, soft, baby soft socks... sweet!

Next stop? Funnel cakes. Um, I mean merchandise exhibits. This is the "as seen on tv" contingent and I love to see what people buy there. I am also repulsed by it. That's the nature of consuming. It's satisfying until the point of overindulgence. And then it's revolting.

I caught myself considering the giant pipe cleaner thing that cleans under the refrigerator, but managed to walk away. I find myself even now getting excited about the idea of that space being clean. Help me.

We were there at night, which meant a lot of the animals were sleeping, including these pigs. It seems like many of them liked to sleep this way. Are we like them or are they like us?


Wendy Stackhouse said...

Oh, you can't leave me hanging!! We all got third place? How many people entered? Did you see my yarn??? You didn't say you were going today. Are you still coming on October 1st for the contest, you MUST!!

Brewer said...

Congrats on the ribbons!!!

and the artichokes sound heavenly! :)

AR said...

Congrats on the ribbons! That piggy pic is so cute.

erin32mc said...

congrats on the pretty ribbons!
we're going to the fair at the end of the month, i'll go admire them and your yarn!!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

So we all got third place, that's fun and the results of the new judging rules, I guess. Seems...anticlimactic. Perhaps it bodes well for my Second in the Knitting category, though.

I shall be determinedly cheerful and spin on (and better).

Got my Crown Mountain roving today and it is amazing! I cannot wait to be spinning my yellow orange heart out soon, soon...