Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My life has changed in two days

First, thank you to everyone who said something kind about my pattern. If you are new to this blog you may not understand the depths of my anxiety regarding "putting it out there." Reading the comments has been amazing and overwhelming and lovely.

In the last two days since my knitty pattern has gone live:

hits: 2474

comments: 36

visits from every state and many countries all over the world.

There was some nervousness over the "headshot" and I went with a picture that gives one the impression I am an outdoorsperson. I admit today that was the only time I ever kayaked!

I also want to give a shout out to the photographer of the kayak picture, Mr. 12. I didn't give him credit in the knitty article because he likes to be anonymous. So now he is slightly less anonymous. At least I didn't tell everyone that he fell into the river when getting out of the kayak and lost his shoes and had to wear women's shoes on the drive home. Your secret is safe with me!


Dr. B. said...

These are SO adorable! And your blog (new to me until today) is great! There's a freshman in Boston who may very well be getting a package of these, made by me, but thanks to you!


AR said...

hahah That secret is safe with me, too. You do look very outdoorsy in that photo.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

You look great in the photo and the hits, oh, the hits! I'm so jealous. I've thought about writing something up (socks) for knitty but am way too nervous so far. But if it helps the blog traffic, who knows!

Star said...

dr. b - thanks! and welcome! I love all these kids getting washcloths. It reminds me of when I went away to college.

ar - I love your comments. I feel like I know you by the way.

and soprano, you MUST do it. do it. do it. do it. this has been the most fun three days... and you have the chops to write a great sock pattern anyway. do it. ok?

Everyone thinking about submitting a pattern, do it. If they don't pick it you can give it away on your blog. win-win.

Amy said...

I was actually quite surprised to see your comment on my knit along! Google much? :-) I'd be doing the same thing, trust me.

I'm pretty sure some sets of these will be made soon in the Dishcloth KAL in the next few months. Some of the very creative men and women particpating may come up with something totally different for the words. We shall see. Thank you for the inspiration.