Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another crazy sock knitter

I cast on for pomatomus. It's the only thing I could think of to balance a hard day that includes a new head cold and some uninteresting-to-you challenges at work.

Yarn: Katia Mississippi
Color: 778 (it's olive green)
Needles: Vintage Phildar size 2 double points

I didn't check the gauge! I just started knitting! Ha ha ha! Take that!

SIDENOTE - Where did September go? Have you seen the calendar lately?


AR said...

Good luck on your pomatomus. I don't check gauge, shame, shame. It has bitten me before, but oh well. I noticed that about September, too. It's over half gone!

Harlem Purl said...

I started the Pomies but my yarn wasn't having it so I frogged and never started again. Now that I've met my new best friend Sir Majic Loop, I may have to try again. But I just finished the Baudelairs which were a really big challange so maybe I'll do a little stockinette before I try the Pomatomus again. Whew. I said a lot huh? See what happens when I don't comment for a while.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Happy first day of Autumn! How do these things happen?

I want to do Pomotamus in some gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill but I'm compelled to do Eunny's Bavarian Twist socks. If only I could actually get to the sock yarn (houseguests lead to unsearchable garage space).

Did you figure a way to ship the fleece?

Brewer said...

We noticed that September is slipping away, but mostly just because we are leaving for a trip (on a plane) to Boston the first week of Oct. And of course, the girls hvae been waiting (none too patiently) for Oct 3 cause the Little Mermaid comes out on dvd then.

Good luck on the new knitting! I've been sewing and needle felting to ease the stress here.

gurlpurl said...


Whose got 2 thumbs and gets to go to the
Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this weekend?!
This gal! Tee hee! Woo hoo! Take that ms. no-swatchy-mcswatcherson!!!
Taking orders...

Star said...

yeah this sock pattern is half fun and half torture. And fleece update very soon...

gurlpurl! You are a tease! We don't have a good fiber show in LA. Jealous. I'd love to go there with you. PS got a really nice card from Kerry! So sweet.