Friday, September 29, 2006

Finished Objects

This page is for photos of finished objects, a common sort of thing among bloggers. First up: Back to School washcloths - free pattern available on knitty.

In the next picture you'll find some banded cuffs, inspired from Mason Dixon Knitting Ballband washcloths. The free pattern for these cuffs is available here.

It's starting to look like I knit in cotton a lot. It's a summer thing, really.

Check out this striped camera bag. I knit it in the round and closed the bottom with a three-needle bind-off. It may be an obvious way to do it but I felt pretty clever for thinking of it! The tie is an I-cord drawstring through eyelets made by working a row of K2tog, YO, rep.

Cabled long sleeved shrug. Based on a few patterns and just "winging it"

The black armwarmers. These are made from a free pattern found here. Their full story can be found here.

The armwarmers and the socks here were both knit while working on location, and knitting at work is a rare pleasure indeed. To read more about the socks, go here.

Of course I also had to make some knucks. I haven't done up the knuckles with the tattoo yet.

Remember the Interweave mitre square rug? Free pattern here. (to see my mom's version, look here)

Here is a really quick project... a rapunzel scarf made with commercial yarn, homespun yarn, hand-dyed yarn, and fake flowers. Original post is here. "Pattern" is here.

The Perdita from knitty. This was fun to knit - embroidery floss on size 0 needles. I don't have action shots since this went off in a swap and I never heard about it ever again.

The panta. I wasn't going to knit one of these but it seemed for a while there if you knit on Craftster, you had to make one. It was the law. This one is Noro Silk Garden Lite.

Okay, here is my first attempt at amigurumi. In my defense, I did make it up from scratch.

Of course I must share the inspiration to a lot of my knitting: the humble dishcloth from Mason-Dixon!

It occurs to me I have more to show off. I now understand why knit blogs often have a whole page of knitting. I better take more pictures!


AR said...

Good idea. I keep thinking of starting another blog with just FO posts and pics. Of course, that would mean finishing things; not just starting them. lol

Dr. B. said...

These are all SO cool, and the colors you use make everything look so fresh and yummy!

Thanks for the link to the free patterns -- that mitered rug looks particularly tempting.