Friday, September 08, 2006

Fiber Friday 9/8/06

Merino, targhee, rambouillet, cotsword, mohair, recycled sari silk.

Similar to the one last week, but not the same. I suppose I am exploring a theme.


AR said...

mmmm, pretty!

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Found out I got second place for the socks. No word on yarns, though.

Star said...

HEY! Second place is good, right? CONGRATS!

(I can't imagine what could have taken first though)

Wendy Stackhouse said...

They are using a new system of judging this year, though, so who knows. I had a LOT of ends to weave in, after all. And one is bigger than the other. They weren't perfect, I would be the first to admit.

But I hope whatever beat me was amazing!

The first year I entered, I got second place to a BEAUTIFUL silk christening gown. But the third place was a lovely shawl. I entered a pair of baby socks out of my very first wheel spun yarn that just took me a couple of days to knit. I bet that third place person was ANNOYED.

Anyway, I'm glad to have gotten anything and am hoping there were more people entered so that they will continue the category.

BEESTLYproducts said...

Beautiful :-)