Monday, September 04, 2006

More swap swag

Do you ever get a pair of shoes or a jacket or a purse that you end up using/wearing everyday and you can't remember life before said item?

Behold the simple headband. The plain one on the top left. That's the one I wear everyday. And the elastic keeps it snug on my head. I got these in another swap from a Craftster named roxybadoxy and I love them.

They go in the heavy rotation category alongside my Camper mary janes, my olive green sweatshirt from Hawaii, my brick red tee, and my tan corduroy skirt. People in the office look at you funny if you wear the same clothes all the time though. It's really unfair.

What's in your heavy rotation?


Brewer said...

my heavy rotation is a pair of my husband's boxers (worn as pjs and I hate to have to get out of my pjs) and one of the many t-shirts he gets as freebies from other companies (and since they have the other company on them, he can't wear them to work). But I'm not picky about which boxers :) I will admit to having a favorite shirt though ;)

I LOVE the headbands. I've been thinking about making some like that for my girls, but hadn't gotten to it yet. I may have to give it a try tomorrow

AR said...

My handknit socks. Jeans or jean shorts, t-shirts, especially this one mustard yellow shirt our friends made.

Great headbands.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

Oh, let's see, maybe that white knitted tank that I wore the first two times we got together!

And the purple one that is the same shirt.

Wintertime, an apple green ribbed shirt and always handknit socks. I'm trying to not have to wear commercial socks at all this year...

I am in love with the color yellow orange right now and my t-shirt that is perfect has a stain on it, of course. Eejit. I'm looking all over for the perfect yarn but will end up making it myself, I'm sure.

How's work?

Star said...

this was fun to read!

work is, um, ok. Tiring but with fun.

Anonymous said...

my super comfortable blue(originally navy) shorts that i put on every day after work and which no one in the known world will ever see again. i hope.

Star said...

hey helloknitty,

I also like to change when I come home from work. I thought I learned that from Mr. Rogers but maybe it was you?!