Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dirty Laundry

I feel like getting some stuff off my chest.

I like the tv show Murder She Wrote and I watch it sometimes on the Biography Channel. Also, when I work as an extra, I've lied about my dress size. This has gotten me into big trouble though. I get my news more often from the Daily Show than I do from newspapers or proper news programs. I only knit continental and I get confused when I try to knit English method. Okay, I can't really throw at all, even though I've tried many times.

There, I did it. The first few things that popped into my mind. I'm terribly embarrassed.

Your turn.


Brewer said...

1. I LOVE Murder She Wrote! I get so much done while it's on.
2. I don't lie about my size, but I also have no idea what it is :) I don't buy enough clothes often enough to remember
3. I try to watch somesort of evening news, but quite often, my news comes from The Howard Stern show and Sirius OutQ News (can you tell I love my Sirius satalite?)
4. I have absolutely NO idea what the heck you knitters are talking about when you start throwing out continental/english :) Maybe someday I'll actually "get" it
Don't be embarrassed! Confession is good for the soul. (or so they say ;) )

AR said...

I like MSW, too.

I lie to most people about my size. Only my best-best friend knows how much I weigh. hehehe

I can only throw, my left hand laughs when I try to make it hold yarn. It laughs out loud! just kidding.

Wendy Stackhouse said...

1. I don't watch Murder, She Wrote but I never miss Celebrity Poker Showdown. Never. I tape it.
2. I lie about my weight on my resume. And my scale is wrong and I don't care.
3. I am a total cable news addict, but I would have a three-way with Jon and Stephen any time any day.
4. I mostly throw but sometimes pick. Why worry? You can knit in 3 or four colors Continental if you want and the Norwegian purl solves the whole purling thing beeyewtifully!

gurlpurl said...

1) No one can bother me during any of the following tv shows: Law and Order (all 3 of them), the McLoughlin Group (gawd i love that show!),AND the Shield.
3) I am on Weight Watchers and go to meetings at 7am Saturday mornings...religiously!!
4)Sometimes I wish that I was a hippie 1970's homesteader...or a Scottish detective...I can never decide...
5)I have never tasted a beer that wasnt a Guinness or microbrew.


Michael said...

1. I watch Iron Chef (original and America)with a passion. In fact, it is about the only reason I turn on the television. Besides Trek for knitting bcackground.
2. I don't know my size(s). (I'm a guy, it's a valid excuse)
3. Knitting Continental scares me. I knit some funny distortion of English. I think.

A query. How does your dishcloth pattern feel about being knit with Fair Isle or Intarsia. I am considering learning a new skill, and was wondering if you know of any glaring difficulties adapting it to that.

Star said...

I LOVED reading these! Thank you everyone. I guess I'm not so crazy afterall. (yeah, right)

Michael, I think intarsia would be great for the cloths, probably better than fair isle for this project. I thought about doing intarsia but it was faster and easier for me to duplicate stitch. Honestly, they would look better if the colors were knit in, instead of stitched on. I think fair isle would be challenging to make a useful washcloth with, considering all the floats on the backside. I look forward to seeing if you do it!

Michael said...

I'm feeling some inherent problems with intarsia so far. Namely lines where the letter shifts from a vertical to horizontal (or vice versae) line a few stitches over, within the same colour block. I think it could be remedied with starting ltos of itty-bitty yarn ends, but I am not ready for that. For now I shall concede and stick to duplicate stitch. Maybe I'll try again.