Saturday, June 24, 2006

I want these needles so very much

Edith Eig Has a large celebrity clientele who shop at her store La Knitterie Parisienne in Los Angeles. Actually the store is in the valley and I am wondering if it's possible to get there and back anytime in between now and when it cools off in November. Now we are already in the dog days of summer and the valley is like a large lake of fire just north of LA. If you watched Entourage last week you'll understand.

Anyway, the story of the Knit Lite™ needles is this: Monica Dremann, the wife of Michael Rosenberg (President of Imagine Entertainment) was talking to Edith Eig about how hard it is to knit in the movie theater once the lights go down. Perhaps only a knitter will understand this, but it is indeed a HUGE problem.

Edith mentioned this problem to her husband, Merrill (a retired engineer) and he developed a needle with glowing L.E.D. tips. Clover has picked up the distribution and I am only now hearing about this! I suppose I have to pack the car with water and make the trek!

The facts:
The Knit Lite™ needles are distributed by Clover Needlecraft, Inc.
Available NOW at La Knitterie Parisienne,
and this summer at knitting and craft stores nationwide.

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