Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And you thought your apartment was small?

Alex poached this from the NY Times and shared it with me. Now I share it with you.

It's the page of a photographer named Michael Wolf who took pictures of residents in their 10' X 10' apartments. I'm telling you, if you think your place is small, try living in a 10-foot box. How would you decorate it? Where would you put the treadmill? WHERE WOULD YOU PUT YOUR SPINNING WHEEL AND YARN/FIBER STASH? (I don't see any of this stuff in the pictures, do you? Actually, the guy in #14 has a sewing machine.)

Highlights: Everyone has a bunk bed, a TV and a fan. Where they go from there... It appears the more cluttered the space, the more they look like a lifetime of despair has conspired against them. (I was going to say the more they look like they want to blow their brains out but I think that's just an awful thing to say, so I didn't say it.) The couple in #25 turned their space into TWO rooms! They must really hate eachother. #36 should be ashamed of herself. And if you ever find yourself caught in #27, hopefully he's the type that just kills his victims quickly,instead of draining your blood drop by drop first.

BOY did this get dark! I promise you'll find yourself commenting (judging) on each one too.

The building is Hong Kong's oldest public housing estate, and each person rocks it a little bit differently. It's really cool!


Anonymous said...

Where's your first posting of the day?

People are starting to get upset!

Star said...

I got a late start today! I dyed some yarn this morning...look for pics soon.