Saturday, June 17, 2006

The comedy of spell check

It's like madlibs! It's like a new cockney blog talk that we can use to tell secrets in code. Here is what I write. (What Blogger's spell check suggests)

Blog. (Bloc)
Blogger. (blocker)
Lasik. (Lashes)
Frankenstein. (frankincense)
soysilk (socialize)
superwash (superego)
Fleur de lys (fleer de lays)
kool aid (kola aid)
Wilton's dyes (wilting dyes)
pic (pig) - my fave. (five) I take pigs all the time.

Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize "blogger!" Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ps (psi) - wish me luck on my upcoming lashes surgery.

1 comment:

Fits said...

Oh yes. I stopped using Bloggers spell check as well because it was, as you indicate, hopelessly wrong most of the time with regards to anything not of formal English before the year 1940 or thereabouts.