Sunday, June 11, 2006

I miss my chair

This post is about the chair in the photo. The chair? Yes. It is one of a pair I used to own.

The yarn is easy. It is some homespun done on a drop spindle around valentine's day. I made it red but with black and white mohair skunk stripes. That is the story of the yarn.

The chair... Where to start? I used to take pictures of finished objects on this white wooden chair with chips on it. It was meant to be refinished but I never did that. I got the chairs when I moved into my little sunny studio in Silverlake. I miss that too. I bought them from the girl who lived there before. I had a lot of potential when I first moved into that studio. I was in a community now. When people asked what I did I could say "I'm an artist" and that was an acceptable answer. There was a brown stain on one of the chairs from hair dye. This hair dye I turned out to be allergic to. I was up all night rubbing cortisone into my scalp. Now it is "one of my things" searching for hair dye that doesn't contain PPD. (It's in ALL of them!) This chair helped me change lightbulbs. Anyway, I moved to West Hollywood and the chairs came with me but they didn't fit in here. They stuck out. Too bohemian. I had to cut them loose. I sold them at a garage sale and I wonder about the person who bought them and if they did something with them. I was complaining yesterday about taking bad pictures of yarn. Those chairs made taking pictures easier. Oh chair. I miss you today.

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