Friday, June 30, 2006

Fiber Friday 6/30


Not a lot of spinning this week because of other knitting deadlines and the vague fear of fiber getting into my post Lasik eyes as previously mentioned. (I also previously mentioned that I knew this was a crazy thought.) That said, this is a two-ply worsted to bulky weight measuring 132 yards! This is more of that soft blend that I spun first, then dyed the yarn. I tried for a summer peach kind of thing with the dyes. I used Buttercup Yellow, Copper, and a little Strawberry Kool-aid. I also added a small amount of Juniper green to the whole mess to tone down the brightness that Kool-aid brings to the mix. Overall I like the results and I'm sure I'll be doing a lot more of this kind of thing during the Spin de Tour.

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