Friday, June 23, 2006

76 Days until the LA County Fair

I know a lot more about fiber this year than I did last year so I am especially looking forward to seeing all the animals. They usually have a giant hall where people show off their quilts and knit and crochet items. I think there's even some homespun on display but I don't see anything about any of this on the website yet. I suppose with 76 days to go I have plenty of time to update this thread. If there's a way to submit homespun to be displayed I will try my hardest to figure out how to do that.

This fair is where I had my first (and last) deep fried twinkie. It's HUGE! (The fair, not the twinkie) I was lonesome for this kind of thing since I used to enjoy the Puyallup fair so very much. That's where they had this famous hypnotist who used to make people dance like Michael Jackson and then before he had them wake up he would plant subliminal messages of self confidence into them. It was entertaining and touching at the same time.

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tatjana said...

wow. I get the impression the fairs in them there parts are done on a much larger scale than here. But I guess we don't really have counties, so they're more kinda village fairs :) no hypnotists tho, that would be *so* funny!