Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mom strikes again

Please allow me to show off my latest wonderfully beautiful knitting needles!

Aren't they cute? 100% mom-made!

The small needles are a size 2 and appear to be bamboo with intricate cinnabar-like beads on top. I use small needles a lot and I don't have any size 2 straights. The larger set are size 9, made of wood with glass beads on top. Nice, right?

Also, now that I know I'm allergic to nickel, it's great to start building non-metal needles into my stash.

Speaking of nickel allergies, here is an example of my brain power: For about ten years I actually believed that earrings were supposed to hurt the way high-heeled shoes hurt, and most women were tougher than I in their ability to suffer for beauty. Also, knitting with metal needles for extended periods of time made one's hands rashy because of the knitting.

I won't bore you with the a-ha moments and all that. But now that I know better, I easily can avoid cheap metal. But before I go too far down this left turn - Thanks Mom. As usual, you rock!


stacyZ said...

So does this mean no Addi's for you either? Do those have nickle?

I found out I can't wear sterling in my ears after my little guy - as a jewelry designer I don't know what the heck I am going to do lol.

Those needles are super cute though!

K8 said...

Those are cute needles!

I have the same earring problem - and for years I wasn't sure what it was. Until my doctor for some reason mentioned I might be allergic to nickel. I haven't had any problems with needles yet though.

Star said...

Probably no Addi's - I've never tried them. I think they're nickel. Knitpicks are. I've got the Denise set though and they're great.

I still don't know about sterling, I'll have to try. Gold is okay and surgical steel seems to be okay too.

That's tough to work with something you're allergic to. I've heard of spinners and knitters with wool sensitivities. That must be horrible.

Kari said...

Whew! Glad I know that! Most of the time I use nickel plated snaps and accessories, but I do keep plastic snaps on hand! Good to know!

Beautiful needles!!! You've got a very crafty Mom! They're so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I really love the #2's. How unique.

AR said...

Wow! Those are great! Your Mom rocks!!

Luckily there are nickel free earrings now.

sharon said...

Great needles - I make my own, too, cause I lose them (or one) a lot - chop sticks work well, and I have all sorts of buttons, etc for the ends. It's fun - a bit of diversion.