Monday, March 12, 2007

Rapunzel Scarf

I've been in the throws of a swap where you send lengths of yarn out to different people and we take our yarn and braid them into a scarf. It's a great project for stash busting.

However, I haven't had much patience. While waiting for all the yarn to arrive, I made a rapunzel scarf out of my stash. I added fake flowers for fun.

"Fake flowers" sounds tacky but I think they look pretty good in there.

The funny part is that I sent the scarf away in a DIFFERENT swap to someone else. I did take a picture of it before I sent it, here it is of course. I wish I had a dress form to take proper photos of things like this.

The other funny part is that it's in the 90's in Los Angeles already. No way I could wear a scarf.

But I'm still going to make a scarf for myself when I get all the swap yarn, don't worry. Here is where the idea originated.


Weaver said...

that's beautiful. love the flowers.

BEESTLYproducts said...

i remember that scarf from craftster! someone is getteing one for X-mas.

Unknown said...

Rapunzel, rapunzel...let your scarf is gorgoeus! What a great way to show off the fiber for fiber's sake.