Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Things I love

I felt like sharing some of my favorite art that hangs in my house - which is saying something because I have a lot and I love it all... but here's the problem...

I don't know who the artist is!

I bought them on a trip to NY, at Union Square in the summer of 2006. The woman who made the prints was hanging out with a card table and a stack of great pictures.

Because I am a knitting fan as well as a cycling fan, I couldn't decide so I bought these two. I ran across the street to buy a mailing tube and framed them soon after I got home.

I intended to frame them properly but haven't gotten around to it yet. Please know that they do look better in person.

If anyone recognizes the artist - let me know, please.

Did I mention that I like to pretend they are pictures of me? If you squinted, they almost could be. Is that something I should keep to myself? Probably.

Speaking of things I love... I'm currently having an affair with this chocolate bar. Seriously people, salt and chocolate GO together.


Anonymous said...

I think the artist was an NYU student... that's my recollection...

BEESTLYproducts said...

heh. when no one else is home i pretend to be french. choclate + salt = amzing! choclate covered pretzels are salty and those are quite tasty.

AR said...

Those are spectacular! I think one reason people love certain pieces of art is because it reminds them of themselves.